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Hello there!

I am Lily, Indonesian Chinese who loves cooking and eating yummy foods! I am also a wife and a mother.

I cook mainly vegetarian and vegan foods but my daughter loves her meat, so I cook her some meat dishes with recipes that my grandma and mom passed down for me.

I love spicy and flavorful foods, any kind of noodles, soups, stir fries, wraps, and dumplings!

Before coming to America, I usually cooked Indonesian or Chinese foods but since I moved here in 2006, I have been exposed to many dishes from around the world. And I have been cooking various kinds of dishes from various countries. It’s so great to know other cultures through their foods!

Lily Cooks is where you find me blog about cooking, share my recipes, and post food pictures. Also, you will find some information about the ingredients I use in my cooking.

Thanks for checking in! Enjoy!